King's Hawford

25 March

Y3 Malvern Trip

On Monday, our Year 3 children departed from school for their very first residential trip. There was a mix of emotions as the coach was loaded and parents waved goodbye. The journey to Malvern was full of excited chatter as the children discussed the adventures that lay ahead.

On arrival at the Malvern Outdoor Centre,  the children located their rooms and stored their bags before meeting with instructor Luke, who briefed them on what they could expect over the next couple of days.

Over the course of the two days the children tried their hand at lots of different activities.

Group 1 kick-started their first day with some team building exercises that encouraged the children to develop their trust in one another. Pupils had to tackle obstacles blindfolded, with their classmates on hand to help guide them.

Meanwhile Group 2 got stuck in to some Bushcraft tasks that included building their own den from resources found in the wooded area.

Later on, Group 2 tried their hands at some climbing. The children demonstrated their bravery, safely climbing to the top of the climbing wall.

Group 3 spent the day honing their archery skills and conquering the climbing wall.

After dinner, the whole of Year 3, accompanied by their teachers, enjoyed a starlit walk up the Malverns. The group took advantage of the clear night sky, indulged in some star-gazing and marvelled at the lights of the town below.

The next morning the children woke up refreshed, recharged and ready to do it all over again! The groups rotated between activities, allowing all of the children to have a go at each of the different activities on offer.

One of the many activities completed over the two days was a group task where the children had to use pipes to transport a ball. The children had to work together to get the ball moving in the right direction.

All of the children did brilliantly, on what was for many their first trip away from their families. The children all had a go at making up their own beds and making their own sandwiches.

The children behaved impeccably and impressed Mr Stigant and Mrs Owens with their mature approach to the trip.