King's St Alban's

28 May

Year 1 focus on growth

At the start of term, as part of their lesson focusing on Earth Day and caring for the environment, the children in Year 1 planted wildflower seeds in the hope of attracting more pollinating insects such as butterflies and bees to the Forest School area.  The children have very much enjoyed watching the seedlings develop and this week they were very excited to be told that the seedlings were big enough to be planted outside.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they continue to thrive, and the children are excited to keep an eye on their progress during their Forest School lessons.

Year 1 have continued to be enthusiastic about their reading and this half term they decided that they wanted to lead our story times.  We have been so impressed with the children’s eagerness to read to their peers and the confidence with which they read some of their favourite books from home to their friends.

The children have also worked incredibly hard during our handwriting sessions this half term.  We have continued to introduce a new join each week and the children have worked with incredible focus, persevering with the trickier joins we have encountered and taking great pride in their work.

Our science topic on ‘Sound and Hearing’ was brought to a close this week with an exciting lesson on sound waves.  The children were fascinated to see the dancing grains of rice, which were moved by sound waves.  They were then thrilled to create their own string telephone to see this science in action, investigating how the sound waves could best travel along the string connecting the two cups.

Art lessons connected to our theme ‘Adventures by the Sea’ have proven to be a highlight for the children.  This week we created prickly pufferfish by printing in paint with forks.  All of the children enjoyed researching these creatures and accompanied their bright and colourful creations with the interesting facts they had found out.

Well done, Year 1.  We continue to be very proud of your hard work, determination and enthusiasm in all you do!