King's St Alban's

19 November

Year 1: All in a Week’s Work

The children in Year 1 are enjoying our current topic of ‘In the Night Sky,’ particularly spending time in our class dark den! The den provides the perfect space for them with glowing stars and twinkly lights above them.  The children love reading ‘light and dark’ themed books by torchlight.

Our focus during maths this week has been 2D shapes. The children thoroughly enjoyed a variety of activities, including making 2D shapes out of lolly sticks, using play dough and elastic bands on the geo boards. We used colourful 2D shapes to create very imaginative shape monsters which the children found lots of fun. The children wrote a list of the shapes they used to create their monsters and focused on the properties of each shape, such as the number of sides and corners. The children then put their 2D shape knowledge to the test when guessing shapes in the class dark den, using their torches to see if they were correct.

We have focused on non-fiction texts during our English lessons this week. The children worked hard sorting non-fiction and fiction texts and have enjoyed sharing information texts in the classroom about nocturnal animals. The children then used their research to create fact files about a nocturnal animal of their choice. They included some super ‘Did you know?’ facts about badgers, foxes, owls and hedgehogs, which were very interesting to read.

During our science lesson we learned the meaning of three new words – transparent, translucent and opaque. Using their torches, the children tested whether light could pass through different materials, trying very hard to use the new scientific vocabulary correctly.

Well done for working so hard, Year 1!