Year 2-3 Transition

We aim to make the transition to Junior School as smooth and as welcoming as possible for our pupils and parents.

junior school transition

As children approach the end of their time in Pre-Prep, they will be extremely familiar with many of the teaching staff, pupils and facilities at the Junior School, having made use of the swimming pool, playground, IT suite, music rooms, science laboratory and art studio. Throughout their time in Pre-Prep, children will have enjoyed a whole-school, joint playtime on a Friday morning, where they have fun playing games and making friends with the Junior pupils. 

Transition afternoon

In preparation for beginning Year 3, Year 2 children spend an afternoon in their new classes as part of the whole-school ‘transition afternoon’ at the end of the summer term.  This provides them with the opportunity to meet any new pupils along with their class teacher and take part in team-building games and other fun activities designed to help get to know each other.

Year 3 teachers visit the Year 2 pupils towards the end of the summer term. This helps to build the relationship between the teacher and pupil so that when they join their new class, their new teacher is already a familiar face.

In addition, Year 2 children are taken for lunch in the dining hall by a Year 5 ‘buddy’ to learn how the Junior lunch system works.

This process of gently introducing the children to the changes that accompany the move to Year 3 ensure that they come bounding back in to school in September, happy to meet up with their friends again and ready to face new challenges.