King's Hawford

22 October

Year 2 ‘s egg-tra special eggs-periment

No, your eyes didn’t deceive you – that really was a floating egg above your head! This week, our Year 2 children got crafty with Mr Marsland and Mr Roberts to create aerodynamic and air resistant capsules to protect egg ‘astronauts’.

The class had the chance to create their very own capsules to protect their astronauts from crashing to Earth with a splat! It was clear that our children had raided their kitchen cupboards as recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, fabric, egg cartons and strings were used as the base of most of their contractions. Plastic bags were also a popular choice amongst our children, hoping that they would catch the wind when dropped from the sky.

The entire Year 2 class then went outside and watched as their parachute creations were dropped from the top floor of our Georgian House to test their aerodynamic abilities. It was great to see all of the children cheering each other on and genuinely wanting the whole class to succeed and do well. Even Mr Marsland had a go and tested out his own parachute.

Eggs-periments like these are a testament to the power of fun-filled, hands-on learning. At King’s Hawford, we’re committed to combining creativity, rational thinking skills and comradery in play-based learning, in order to create well-rounded, enriched and engaged children who have a life-long love of learning.