King's St Alban's

15 November

Y2 Forest School looks delicious!

On Friday afternoon, Year 2 wrapped up warm to enjoy an entire day in our dedicated Forest School.

With a fun-filled, jam-packed day of outdoor activities expertly planned by our Forest School leader, Miss Cartwright, and Mrs Ciano, Year 2 were delighted that the weatherman’s forecast on this occasion was incorrect! The children were ever so excited when Miss Cartwright informed them that the first activity of the morning was to toast marshmallows on the campfire for their morning snack. But first they had to make the campfire! The children set about splitting firewood into smaller pieces with enormous enthusiasm. They followed Mrs Cinao’s instructions impeccably and in no time at all the fire was lit. The marshmallows, sandwiched between two biscuits of course, went down a treat and fuelled the children for the activities which lay ahead.

The children’s next challenge was to make a bow and arrow, using hazel collected from the playground at King’s St Alban’s. Carefully using knives and loppers, closely supervised by Miss Cartwright, the children cut their arrows to size and made grooves for the string in their bows. They then had great fun practising their archery skills and we saw some very impressive shooting!

Unfortunately, lunchtime was a soggy affair as the rain fell over King’s St Alban’s; however this did not dampen spirits and luckily the sun came back out just in time for a busy afternoon. The Year 2 children helped Reception to explore the forest before making fat balls for the birds who might be hungry as the weather gets colder. The Year 2 children then taught Reception how to shoot their bows and arrows very kindly and patiently. It was heart-warming to witness the two year groups working together with such kindness and patience, looking out for one another; this is just one example of how pupils at King’s St Alban’s are one big family.  It was a lovely end to the week and a real joy to watch the children enjoying learning outdoors.