King's St Alban's

2 July

Year Two enjoy overnight adventure

Year Two have had a fantastic overnight trip to Malvern Outdoor Centre.  We left on the minibus early on Monday morning and we arrived at the centre for about 10.30am.  When we arrived, we were greeted by Luke, one of our instructors and we were shown to our chalet and dormitories.  We unpacked our bags and made our beds; the children were all responsible for putting on their own duvet covers and pillow cases! It was lovely to see the children working together and helping one another make their beds!

Beds made and it was on to lunch to refuel ahead of an exciting, action packed afternoon! Soon after lunch, we faced our first activity, which was the low ropes.  The children were put into groups of three and they had to encourage and guide each other, with the challenging rope activities.  Among the favourites, was a giant waffle net, which they had to swing across and land in!  After the low ropes the Year 2 children worked in small groups to do some orienteering.  They were given a map and they had to follow it, to find the numbered birds located in different positions around the centre.  The children collaborated so well together, to find all of the numbered birds.  Finally, the children had a lovely dinner in the dining hall and we headed to the games room for some evening activities.  The children had an excellent night and very much enjoyed sharing their rooms with each other.

The next day the children woke up early for breakfast and made their own sandwiches for lunch.  Our first activity on Tuesday was the wild wood walk.  The children had to put on their red Teletubby suits and they all got extremely muddy!  Some of the highlights included painting mud on our faces to camouflage well with our surroundings and running as fast as we could through the biggest muddy puddle I have ever seen!  Our final activity was the rope line, where the children had to be guided by their partner, around an assault course, blind folded!  There was lots of excellent team work and listening skills.  When we finished this, we all had a go at crawling through a long and winding dark tunnel, including the teachers!  We had some very exhausted children at the end of our trip!  I am so proud of our Year 2 children, they all showed great determination, resilience and teamwork and above all we all had a lot of fun!

Mrs Chadwick