King's St Alban's

10 March

Year 2 pupils discover what it takes to be a Chorister.

On Wednesday morning, pupils in Year 2 had a very special music lesson! Instead of their usual class, the children accompanied Mrs Gunter over to Worcester Cathedral’s dedicated Song School. There they met Mr Hudson, Director of Music at the Cathedral, who shared with the pupils lots of details on what life as a Worcester Cathedral Chorister is like. The pupils all thought it sounded like great fun!

As part of their tour of the Song School, the cohort visited the music library and tried to guess how many pieces of music were stored on the shelves, tried on cassocks and visited all the rooms that the choristers use as part of their Cathedral life. There was much excitement sitting in the rehearsal room choir stalls, especially when the children tested the acoustics by singing one of their favourite songs to Mr Hudson. He was very impressed by their super singing; there are clearly lots of potential Choristers in the making! The visit concluded with a barrage of questions for Mr Hudson, and they were full of excitement as they walked back to school for a well-earned break. 

Worcester Cathedral will be holding a ‘Be a chorister for an afternoon’ event on Sunday 20th March from 1.30pm-5pm. Promising to be a hugely enjoyable and informative event for both pupils and parents, the afternoon is open to both boys and girls from age six. The session will to introduce pupils and their families to the opportunities available at the Cathedral as a Chorister. Pupils will enjoy an afternoon of singing and musical games with the Cathedral’s music staff, meet the current choristers and even have the opportunity to perform with Worcester Cathedral Choir at Evensong. For more information or to book a place, please contact Samuel Hudson, Director of Music: