King's St Alban's

23 October

Year 2 Update

Year 2 have had a fantastic week. They finished their electricity science topic by looking at some diagrams of electrical circuits and predicting which will make the bulbs light up and which ones will not. They then experimented and tested the circuits and had a go with real wires, batteries, bulbs and switches.

We also had fun in our maths lesson learning about units of weight. The children weighed objects in the classroom using a mechanical scale and read the scale in grams. When they became more confident, they made predictions about the weight of the objects they found.

Year 2 also made some wonderful castles in their art lessons this term! They have thoroughly enjoyed our castle topic and they are already looking forward to our next topic after half term!

We believe that learning should, first and foremost, be fun for children and spark their inquisitive nature. We pride ourselves on being a nurturing and inspiring school in which pupils learn effectively. We teach in a supportive, stimulating way to maximise each child’s potential, so that all our children enjoy school life and develop a love of learning. It’s been wonderful to see our Year 2 pupils embody these values.