King's St Alban's

14 October

Year 3: Down on the Farm

On Wednesday, Year 3 had a fantastic time down on the farm at Lower Smite Farm. The experience began with a visit to the outdoor learning area, where our enthusiastic pupils discussed in great detail the foods we need to eat to be healthy; they discovered that a balanced diet is the aim, with something from each food group.

Next, they ventured into the fields where they discovered that Lower Smite Farm is a farm where nature is encouraged, with a plethora of wild plants and flowers growing in the fields.  Pupils relished the opportunity to write poems all about what they could see around them, making sure to include some powerful adjectives!

The final venture before lunch was a visit to the well stocked vegetable garden, where the children had lots of fun pulling up vegetables and discussing how important worms are for the soil.  With over 150 worms collected alongside some giant potatoes, pupils were ready for lunch. Obviously, the pupils’ lunch consisted of something a little more suitable than worms!

After lunch the children donned their wellies and headed deep into the woods, where they discovered a plethora of facts about animal teeth. They were fascinated by the different animal skulls, with the largest belonging to a horse and the most minuscule being that of a shrew. They loved finding out how hedgehog teeth are designed to shovel their food, with their incisors sticking out at the front, and the day ended with the children pretending to be hedgehogs, on a hunt for various insects (pictures, not real-life ones!) hidden among the trees.

A fantastic, informative day in the great outdoors was had by all!