King's Hawford

11 February

Year 3 Explore Village Life

On Monday morning our intrepid Year 3s headed to the village of Ombersley on a geography field trip. Excitement was high as the 3LS and 3GO departed from school in the minibuses. On arrival in Ombersley, the two classes split up and, armed with clipboards, set off to explore the village. Over the course of the morning the pupils spent time identifying features of the village, such as the church, post box, roundabout and shops.

Once they had finished their studies of the village, the two classes headed across to St Andrew’s Church to have a more in-depth look around. They enjoyed a tour of the church, where they identified the altar, the nave, narthex and aisles. It was then a group effort to measure the outside of the church and note down the measurements. As part of their studies, the pupils will produce a scale plan map of the church back in the classroom.

The trip was a great learning success; the pupils returned to the school with an even greater interest in their topic and were excited to put what they had learned into practice. Over the next few lessons they will be creating their own leaflet’s about Ombersley and the surrounding areas, combining everything they have learnt. They will also be producing their own walking tour guides of Ombersley. We can’t wait to see the wonderful creations!