King's St Alban's

24 September

Y3: Full marks for dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene top of the agenda in Year 3 this term.

Forming a key part of the Year 3 science curriculum this term, pupils have been learning all about teeth and how to keep them healthy. To discover more about their topic, on Thursday afternoon pupils were delighted to welcome dentist, Rupert Monkhouse. Rupert is an Old Vigornian himself, attending King’s St Alban’s up until 2001 when he progressed to the Senior School. After leaving King’s in 2012, Rupert trained as a Dentist at King’s College London and now works as a Dentist in Reading.

Rupert was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of dental hygiene and how they knew all the names of each type of tooth and its function.  We discussed what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy and how often you should visit the dentist.  The children learned about the different parts of a tooth including the crown, enamel and dentine, as well as how to brush teeth properly, to confuse the bacteria so it doesn’t settle on a tooth and cause decay! Rupert shared some handy hints and tips with the children including enlightening them about the ‘Brush DJ’ – an app that plays two minutes of your favourite tunes encouraging children to brush their teeth for the right amount of time – I wonder how many parents were downloading that one on Thursday evening?

Rupert told the children all about his experiences.  We learned that one of the favourite parts of his job is helping those who are scared to visit the dentist to overcome their fears – it wouldn’t appear that our children are afraid of the dentist, quizzing Rupert with lots and lots of questions.

And, in what couldn’t have been a more appropriate setting, Ben lost one of his teeth!!


An educational and informative session, thank you, Rupert!