King's St Alban's

13 September

Y3 fun-filled team building afternoon

On Friday, Year 3 had a fantastic, fun-filled afternoon of team building activities outside on the Quad.

The afternoon kicked off with a word game, where a word was written on a post-it note and stuck on each child’s head, without them seeing it. There were a lot of bemused children as they attempted to work out what their word was. Pupils demonstrated outstanding questioning skills throughout the game; a ‘magic wand’ was perhaps the hardest word to work out but, by a process of elimination and varied questions, we got there!

Pupils then played an enthusiastic round of the whisper game, which ended in lots of giggling. The children were given a sentence and had to pass it down their line, hoping to get to the end of the line with the exact sentence that they had started off with. Some teams were successful but there were certainly some very strange ending sentences, which made us all laugh!

For the next team building activity of the afternoon, the children ventured into Forest School, where they were whisked off to Hogwarts on the train and became jungle adventurers among the bushes. It was lovely to see all the children exploring, discovering and playing together beautifully.

As the rain came down, pupils and staff were glad to retreat into the library for a quick explore of the vast range of books adorning the King’s St Alban’s library shelves.

Throughout the week, every child has shown kindness and a friendly, welcoming attitude towards their peers. It was wonderful to see the children working together so well, totally engrossed in what they were doing, using their imaginations and being creative.

Pupils all had a lovely first week back in school and indeed their first week in the Prep School, with lots of socialising, reconnecting, team building and a great deal of enthusiasm on show; well done Year 3, what a fantastic start to the year!

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