King's St Alban's

25 September

Y3 Field Trip to Eckington and Pershore

Geography Field Trip to Eckington and Pershore

Year 3 had a great day on Wednesday when they visited Eckington and Pershore, as part of their topic on Land Use.  In the morning the children learnt about the features of a village and were fascinated by the history of Eckington and how the buildings have changed use, over time.  They carried out a survey of traffic passing through the village.  The highlight of the morning, however, was standing on the railway bridge and being tooted and waved at by two train drivers!

Everyone hopped back on the minibuses, arrived in Pershore and had a much-needed picnic lunch.  The children were surprised at the difference in the number and type of buildings, from only one shop in Eckington, to many in Pershore.  They were also amazed at the hustle and bustle of the town and traffic passing through during their 10-minute survey; Mrs Atkinson, Miss Woodger and Mrs Beauchamp have never seen children so excited about spotting an ambulance!  Every manner of vehicle was spotted, including a hearse!

The day finished perfectly with the ‘Great Conker Collection’ in Pershore Abbey park.

An excellent day was had by all.