King's St Alban's

16 October

Year 3 Smite Farm

Year 3 had a great time at Lower Smite Farm.  The children started the morning impressing the ladies with their knowledge of the different food groups.  Much excitement followed as they donned their aprons and made bread roles – the squashed snowman was a favourite design and a few snakes appeared, as well!  A trip to the vegetable garden was next and the children had a great time pulling up vegetables and discussing how important worms are for the soil.

After lunch we donned our wellies and ventured into the woods where the children discovered a plethora of facts about animal teeth.  They were fascinated when examining the different skulls, from the largest belonging to a horse and a tiniest being that of a mouse.  They loved finding out how hedgehog teeth are designed to shovel their food and the day ended with them pretending to be hedgehogs, on a hunt for various insects (pictures of!) hidden among the trees.