King's St Alban's

14 October

Year 3 trip to Lower Smite Farm

Year 3 were delighted to see the sun shining on Wednesday morning as they headed off to Lower Smite Farm for a day of activities around their Science topic of teeth and heathy eating.

We began the morning learning about different food groups and then worked in groups to create healthy plates of food. The children were intrigued to see just how much of their plates should be full of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruit – and just how little should be fats and sugars!

Next, we visited the farm’s vegetable garden and learnt about the different foods grown on the farm. It was great fun to find out why having healthy soil is so important and the children enjoyed investigating the ingredients of soil before attempting to make their own. We discovered that worms are an important part of the process and everyone was amazed when Marissa showed us how to ‘worm charm’: we managed to charm over 30 worms to us!

After eating our own healthy school packed lunches, we spent the afternoon in the woods. Here we discussed the different jobs of our own teeth and learnt about why different animals have different types of teeth. They explored the woodland while carrying out a fun activity hunting for grubs with sets of ‘hedgehog teeth’.

Finally, the children had the opportunity to examine a variety of animal skulls; there was quite a range of reactions to this, but the children were all fascinated that you can tell what sort of foods animals eat by the teeth they have in their mouths!

A huge thanks to all at the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust for making us feel so safe and welcome at Lower Smite Farm, and well done to all the children for behaving so beautifully and taking such an enthusiastic part in the day.