King's St Alban's

19 October

Year 4 Celtic trip to British Camp

This month, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to British Camp, a Celtic hill fort.

We got our children to shoot their own imaginary arrows uphill to Miss Jordan, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. It also made them understand just how hard of a task it would be to invade a Celtic hillfort, due to the defensive ditches that surrounded it.

After learning about attacking a hill fort, the children began to learn how much work goes into defending one. At the top of British camp, Mrs Ricketts demonstrated the size of a Celtic roundhouse and the children couldn’t believe how vast it was.

The views from the top where breathtakingly beautiful, even between the mist. We tasked the children to identify just how far they could see into the distance if they were back in time having to watch out for attackers marching to camp. It was so difficult to spot other people approaching that they didn’t actually see Mrs Ricketts climbing a ditch until she had come over the hill and surprised the Celts!

It was a wonderful trip with a great Year group. School trips and residential adventures are a big part of the culture here at King’s St Alban’s ass they have a profoundly positive impact on our children’s wellbeing. It’s where friendships are made and strengthened as the children embrace freedom and create memories that could last a lifetime.