King's St Alban's

13 May

Year 4 fly high on residential trip.

Pupils in Year 4 were extremely excited to jump aboard the fleet of minibuses bound for The Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer.  All of the children spent the journey busy chattering, discussing who they would share a room with and what activities they were looking forward to; the energy was infectious!

Upon arrival at the centre, the pupils embraced their first activity…making their own beds! Well, with a little help from the teachers…!

After a spot of lunch, afternoon activities began. The pupils were kept super busy taking part in a myriad of activities from high ropes, including the nerve-racking leap of faith, to archery and climbing. Each and every pupil pushed themselves and stepped out of their individual comfort zone, for which the accompanying staff where extremely proud of them. It was also fantastic to witness the pupils supporting one another despite the nerves in evidence! Apart from a brief pause for dinner, a delicious plate of spaghetti, meatballs and salad, the pupils gave 100% to all activities throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

After an evening room inspection to see who had the tidiest room (we had no idea Year 4 were such a tidy year group!) prizes for the tidiest were awarded. Before bedtime the children enjoyed some quiet time in their rooms, playing games and chatting. The lights went off and it certainly didn’t take long for everyone to fall fast asleep.

Rising early in the morning, having slept like logs, everyone was ready for a good hearty breakfast; from cereal to bacon and hash browns, everyone tucked in, fuelling up for the day ahead.

The cohort were eager to commence their morning activities,  which included caving, shooting down zip wires at great speed and abseiling. The adventure concluded with yet more food at lunch, delicious jacket potatoes, before a much quieter journey back to school.

Asked about some of their highlighted, a handful of Year 4 pupils commented:


“Caving was very dark and spiky. It was my favourite bit because I liked exploring the caves and playing hide and seek.” (Joel)

“Our favourite part was the zip wire, because we got to run up and jump and we felt like we were flying.” (Shreya)

 “I was scared but it was fun at the end.” (Sienna)

“I liked the archery because I liked the sound when I let go of the arrow.” (Ana)

“I loved abseiling because my friends cheered me on.” (Karla)

“I loved the caves because of the special tunnels; they looked a lot like real caves.” (Jasper)