King's St Alban's

21 September

Year 4 have a ‘splashing’ time team bonding at Aztec

Last Friday Year 4 pupils had a splendid adventure day of team bonding, with a range of outdoor activities at Aztec Adventure Lower Moor. The morning’s activities included a blindfolded maze and floor lava, before pupils were challenged to get a ball from one side of the field to a bucket on the other side using drainpipe parts only! Who would have thought that drainpipes could cause so much excitement – especially nearing the end when they had to remain calm to ensure the ball was popped into the bucket!

The afternoon session saw children learning to tie barrels together to create rafts before putting their rafts to the test on the lake. Only a few rafts were up to the open water but the children who fell in absolutely loved it! They finished the afternoon with an obstacle race in the water, where they had to duck and dive.

Upon their return to school pupils were asked to write about their trip. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I had a very fun day on Friday. I made a BIG raft and it floated on the lake.” Alice.

“Aztec water park is so cool.…. To finish our day at Aztec water park we did a belly flop in the water, it was so much fun.” Lily E

“It was a great team building experience and I want to do it again!” Lily G

“We built a raft out of wood and barrels. We tested it out but mine broke.” George

“….my favourite bit of the team building was when we did the blindfold maze.” Sienna

“Aztec was fun…it was incredibly fun! My favourite activity was the raft building. It was fun falling off the raft a billion times.” Joel

I think it is safe to say that the children all had a very enjoyable day team bonding!