King's St Alban's

6 May

Year 4: Mind your tongue!

Having worked extremely hard to rehearse their lines and ensure that their assembly was the best yet, Year 4 R were delighted to welcome all of the Prep School children to the School Chapel for their class assembly on Thursday afternoon.
Entitled ‘Mind your Tongue’, the assembly was centred on not being able to take back unkind words once they had been spoken. This is clearly an important lesson to learn and one that the Prep School pupils who were listening engaged with from start to finish.
There was great excitement as 4R asked for willing volunteers from the audience; there were plenty of hands that shot up in the air! The willing volunteers were asked to draw pictures using shaving foam; Mrs Ricketts thought it seemed like a good idea at the time! Once completed they were then asked to clean up by putting the foam back into the containers. Obviously, they couldn’t, just like we can’t put unkind words back into our mouths once they have been spoken; what a powerful message this was!
The cohort then went on to read some of their acrostic poems on kindness, which they had written themselves during their English lessons. All poems were executed beautifully and even the pupils sitting at the rear of the Chapel could hear them clearly. Rounding off the assembly, the pupils acted out a role-play situation where kindness won – well done for remembering all of your lines Year 4 R and for acting so brilliantly.
The Chapel was adorned with posters carrying inspirational quotations reinforcing the message of ‘Kindness’. There is no doubt that our pupils will take on board the message of kindness and carry it with them as true King’s St Alban’s pupils.
Well done Year 4 R, an excellent assembly. We look forward to our next assembly in the series next Thurday.