King's Hawford

29 November

Year 4 Trip to The Nutcracker

On Thursday 28th November the whole of Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the Hippodrome in Birmingham to see Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’.

This trip was for all pupils in Year 4, who have been learning about the orchestra and this ballet.  It was a truly amazing experience for the children to see and hear the Birmingham Royal Ballet perform accompanied by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia Orchestra.

The children were fascinated with the whole production, some did not believe there was a real orchestra playing until they saw the instruments with their own eyes. We are pleased to report that the children recognised and could name all the instruments.

We asked the children what they thought of the ballet once they’d returned to school, and this is what they had to say:

“It was so amazing and like magic that it made me want to cry”

“Were those dancers wearing tops or was that their real muscles?” (about the Egyptian themed dance – the men were bare-chested, so it was definitely their real muscles)

‘It was very beautiful and I loved it when it snowed and they flew in the air on the back of a swan!”

“The costumes were amazing and I loved them all!”