King's St Alban's

14 May

Diglis Weir visit for Year 4

On Wednesday Mrs Ricketts and our  Year 4 pupils took a trip to view the Diglis Weir. Earlier in the term pupils had enjoyed an informative live lesson given by the River’s Trust. The trip to Diglis Weir gave pupils the opportunity to see everything they had learnt in action. Pupils made use of the school’s close proximity to the River Severn this morning and enjoyed a wonderful walk to the Weir. The group were extremely lucky that the weather held and did well to avoid the threatening rainclouds.

During the trip, the children learnt about the migratory route of the Shad fish and how the weir at Diglis has previously prevented many of these fish from reaching their spawning grounds. The restoration programme, which involved The Environment Agency, the Canal and Rivers Trust, Natural England and the Severns River Trust, has reopened more than 150 miles of the River Severn. This in turn has mad it easier for endangered fish to reach their spawning grounds. Pupils were able to see the fish viewing gallery which is the only one to be built in England.

It was a lovely morning walk with plenty of chatting and listening to bird song. An unexpected highlight was bumping into Digby, Mr Chapman’s dog!