King's Hawford

9 June

Year 5 discover how to fly high!

As part of the King’s Foundation’s extensive transition programme, which ensures all pupils make a seamless transition from King’s Hawford to the Senior School, it was wonderful to welcome Miss Arnold to King’s Hawford earlier this week. As Head of Lower Years at King’s Worcester, Miss Arnold oversees the transition programme. Over the next 18 months she will be making regular visits to King’s Hawford to spend time with our current Year 5 pupils ahead of their transition to “Big King’s” the following year.


Miss Arnold spoke to pupils about Year 6 and how they would be taking on roles of responsibility as the eldest year group at King’s Hawford. The focus of the assembly was on leadership. From September, as Year 6 pupils they will all be acting as role models for younger pupils within the school. With this comes responsibility.


Miss Arnold told the children that several lessons could be learnt from geese! A skein of geese fly in a ‘V’ shaped formation. By flying like this, the geese are able to take it in turns to lead the skein and share the workload. The flying ‘V’ formation also adds 71% greater flying range to the group over that if one bird flew alone. As each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the birds following. She encouraged those pupils who find themselves in leadership roles next year to share the responsibility and ask for help from others.


Geese are also wonderful cheerleaders. They honk as they fly to encourage the other geese around them. Year 6 pupils should be the cheerleaders for the school. Sharing responsibility, working as a team, and encouraging others allows the whole school to fly higher!


Miss Arnold looks forward seeing our current Year 5 cohort next academic year and watching them as they lead King’s Hawford and ensure the whole school flies high.