King's St Alban's

18 February

Year 5 pupils go ‘dotty’ for Creative Connexions

As part of our Creative Connexions preparations, there was much anticipation amongst the Year 5 cohort as they ventured over the other side of the road to the ‘Big King’s‘ art gallery on Thursday afternoon. Inspired by the Infinity room installation by the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, an afternoon of great fun lay ahead in creating a video. The installation itself is currently on show at Tate Modern in London, which Mrs Lewis and Mrs Cain visited in the Christmas holidays.

Taking the inspiration on board, the idea is that the pupils took turns to add ‘polka dots’ randomly onto a blank background. The blank background, our Green screen now covered in ‘polka dots’ will later have a ‘universe’ projected onto it, courtesy of Mrs Beauchamp and her magical IT skills. The background will then be used as part of the pupils’ forthcoming Creative Connexions performance in the John Moore Theatre at the end of the Spring Term.

A Year 5 pupil commented, “We have had so much fun getting creative in a different way this afternoon; I just hope that the final result is as good as I think it will be. Fingers crossed!” Another said,  “It is very exciting preparing for Creative Connexions and I am looking forward to seeing all the different elements coming together.”

The children have all worked extremely hard to get the project up and running; we are so proud of them all. The children will continue develop and complete their pieces ready for the performance of A Night at the Gallery on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st March 2022.