King's St Alban's

15 October

Year 5: Taking a step back in time.

Pupils in Year 5 relished the opportunity to step back in time and to visit one of the most beautiful 16th Century buildings in Worcester. Full of unique features and fascinating stories, The Tudor House is situated not far from King’s St Alban’s on Worcester’s oldest street, Friar Street.

Walking from school to Friar Street, pupils enjoyed discovering about life in Tudor Worcester. They learned what ‘ordinary’ Tudor folk would have worn on a day-to-day basis, whilst some pupils got to dress up as wealthy Tudors. The interactive workshop, delivered by costumed historic interpreters, had pupils enthralled with what a bum roll and stomacher was and why the Tudors didn’t have pockets.

After the excitement of dressing up, pupils had the opportunity to try their hand at weaving on a replica Tudor loom. Home to 16th Century Weavers, Tudor House contains a plethora of spinners, weavers and dyers, which would have been essential to the wool trade back then. Pupils were fascinated to learn that Worcester itself was famous for broad cloth.

Year 5 then returned to class, Tudor style.  They discovered what it was like to be a pupils at school in the 16th Century, before practising their handwriting skills using quills. Pupils suggested that it was slightly trickier than using the average ball point pen used in today’s classrooms. But the results were impressive, and Mrs Etherington is now looking forward to immaculate handwriting in every lesson.

Finally, the cohort were able to step back in time one last time and play games; again these were not those that they are used to playing in our playground at school or at home. During a hands-on workshop pupils learnt about childhood pastimes and had a go at a range of Tudor games.

Returning to their modern day classroom pupils look forward to extending their historical learning about Tudors after half term.