King's St Alban's

4 July

Year 5 Visit to Living Rainforest

​As if it wasn't hot enough, on Monday Year 5 went to Berkshire to spend the day in a replica rainforest. The children loved seeing living examples of so many of the plants and animals they have been learning about. The Centre is home to over 700 plants and animals including rare and endangered species and it was amazing to see them all up close – although sightings of the sloth are still unconfirmed! As an apt end to our topic, the children had guided tours specifically about the human impact on rainforests and its sustainability. All the children came away with something to think about and ideas about what they can do – even if it is just reviving weary bees in our gardens with a spoonful of sugar water. As always, the children were delightful company and their wonderful behaviour was noted and commented upon. Well done, Year 5.