King's St Alban's

11 June

Year 6 enjoy Drama Workshop

6DB were invited to KSW’s drama department on Tuesday to join a Year 11 group in the Wightman Studio. Here our children watched – and even participated in – a production that the Year 11 students had been working on.

The plot was intriguing. The Bumbleberry Wood postal district were all keen gardeners who decided individually to compete for the Golden Shovel Competition and see who had the best garden. In mid – competition, a storm kicked up a huge heap of rubbish which was thrown about between each of the gardens. The bins being full, a gardener dumped his rubbish next door, thus incurring the neighbours’ wrath. Every time the wind blew and the rubbish was tossed about again, 6DB had to go in and tidy it up! (They became really efficient at this as the play progressed). In the end, though, the locals decided it was perhaps best to work together, modelling themselves on 6DB! And in this healthy spirit of cooperation, the gardeners all ended up winning a special prize.

6DB loved the event, and really valued talking with the 5th formers afterwards, asking all sorts of thoughtful questions. Thank you to the 5th formers and the King’s Senior Drama Department.