King's St Alban's

8 September

Year 6 got hands on with Architecture Workshop

This week, our architecture workshop saw all of our Year 6 pupils (figuratively) rolled up their sleeves to get hands on experience learning about different types of materials and tensions, in order to make their own strong and robust structures.

Children were split into three groups to work collaboratively to design and build their very own wooden creations. The lesson took place outside in our green and leafy Quad. Outdoor learning is now more important than ever, particularly when learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, as it allows pupils to clearly see how theory relates to the outside world.

The Architecture Workshop also marked the first time we’ve been able to invite an external facilitator to our campus since lockdown. It’s great to see all of our pupils learning from external experts, as well as from their teachers and peers.

Everyone left the session feeling happy and proud of themselves. Workshops like this one, allowing all boys and girls to get hands on experience with STEM subjects, are vital to a child’s development and equips them with the curiosity, knowledge and confidence they need before heading to Senior School. We teach in a supportive, stimulating way to maximise each child’s potential, so that all our children enjoy school life and develop a love of learning for its own sake, and not just for exam success.