King's St Alban's

30 January

Y6 pupils enjoy a PSHE talk by Magistrate

Judy Hulland, JP, enthrals pupils with Year 6 PSHE talk:

Following a lesson on democracy, government, decision-making and analysing the theatre of Prime Minister’s Questions, Year 6 pupils enjoyed a talk by Magistrate, Judy Hulland, JP, as part of their PSHE studies.  Judy is a regular visitor to KSA and always fascinates the children with her stories about how the law works at magistrate level. Judy works as part of Magistrates in the Community promoting the magistracy and engaging the community in the role of the magistracy and the criminal and civil justice systems. Children learned about the difference between cases that go before a judge and jury and the 95% that ‘laymen’ like Judy preside over.  The children loved her honesty and case studies from her 12 years as a magistrate.  They got very excited when she got them involved in role play: “J, imagine you’ve been caught taking illegal drugs and that E, you’ve been selling them to him!  What should happen?”

MB, a Year 6 pupil said “It was very interesting and she got us all involved.  I didn’t know what a magistrate was before and thought all criminals went before a judge and jury.  I particularly enjoyed the role plays when we were told someone was a drug dealer and what punishment should they get!”

Richard Chapman, Head, commented that “Judy is one of a number of outside speakers we use within PSHE and assemblies and the words of a real expert can really bring a topic to life.  We talk a lot about the world beyond our school and our city and it is important our children understand why we have rules and why we have sanctions.  As ever, the children were a mature and engaged audience and asked lots of pertinent (and some random!) questions during the talk.”