King's St Alban's

11 May

Year 6 Residential: Smiles as big as the piles of muddy washing!

Our most senior pupils, Year 6 have recently returned from five adventure-filled residential days and glorious sunshine on the stunning shore of Wootten Bridge on the Isle of Wight. Heading for Little Canada, a PGL site, pupils enjoyed a smooth sailing from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, having admired the huge variety of boats and ships moving in and out of Portsmouth Harbour.

The cohort arrived to discover their accommodation for the week was in picturesque log cabins. Making themselves at home, the children demonstrated their skills of independence, organising themselves and all of their belongings before heading out to start their adventures.

Throughout the five days, pupils embraced a variety of challenges involving water, heights, strength and problem solving. They took part in a range of activities from archery and fencing to abseiling and climbing, including a ‘Big Swing’ and a Trapeze; from kayaking and dragon boat racing to tunnel and sensory trails, they were definitely kept very busy! They were well fuelled with delicious food, as was clearly demonstrated by the clean plates at the end of each and every meal.

Children learned the value of clear communication, teamwork, companionship and conquering their fears and they reaped the rewards from stepping outside of their comfort zone! Many aspects of the trip enabled children to excel in our current growth mindset words of co-operation and kindness, which was evident from the outset of the trip. Sharing special times and making life-long memories, the pupils adapted to their new daily routines away from the comfort of home.

The accompanying King’s St Alban’s staff, Mrs Kilbey, Mrs Beauchamp, Mrs Pitts, Mr Braithwaite, Mr Hooman and Mr Chapman (Junior) were delighted to spend the week away with such polite and energetic children. The group bonded very well and supported each other through a memorable residential week.

When asked for their highlights and wishes Year 6 pupils responded:


“I really enjoyed fencing, I loved the trapeze, and the archery was fun.”

“I really like the giant swing. I liked the bit where there was a drop at the first part the most. The breakfasts were especially good.”

“I tried fencing for the first time; I wish we could stay longer!”

“I liked my cabin, as I had all of my friends in there.”

“I enjoyed trying a lot of new things and stepping out of my comfort zone, even though it was really hard at times.”

“I didn’t think that I would enjoy the problem solving … but it was very fun.”

“To be honest I enjoyed everything, the activities, the people and what we did.”

“I enjoyed overcoming my fear of heights with the giant swing, trapeze, climbing and abseiling.”

“The one thing I would change would be to make the trapeze jump further for more of a challenge.”

“I loved splashing the teachers whilst kayaking!”


Parents were delighted to welcome home their children, more than the mountains of muddy washing that accompanied them. It is clear that pupils shared their adventure stories with their parents, with Mrs Kilbey receiving an abundance of positive parental comments including:


“She couldn’t have enjoyed the experience more, a brilliant choice of new adventures and activities all in a happy and secure environment. I know last week will be a wonderful part of her childhood memories – she hasn’t stopped telling us all about it!”


“Thank you all so much for organising and planning such a wonderful trip for the Year 6 group. Our son has told us it was a beautiful site, with super food and just brilliant activities, some more scary than others! He has come home so happy, with such lovely stories of being with his friends – as well as with some very muddy stuff…. which is the way it should be!!”


Thank you very much for organising and taking the Year 6 to the Isle of Wight.  Our son had the most fantastic time.  He loved all the activities, especially the giant swing (the attraction of which escapes me!).  It has been lovely hearing all about it.”


All in all this was a wonderful trip for our Year 6 cohort before they leave King’s St Alban’s at the end of the academic year.