King's Hawford

15 September

Year 6 River Studies at Ashes Hollow

Year 6 pupils have enjoyed their first geography field trip of the year this past week. As part of their studies on rivers, they travelled to Ashes Hollow, Church Stretton to complete a range of tasks designed to help them prove or disprove the hypothesis that ‘The characteristics of a stream and its valley change from source to mouth‘. There was a great deal of excitement as the buses departed from the school.

On arrival at the test site the children were keen to get started. In order to address the hypothesis, pupils spent time working together diligently to complete their tasks. Tasks included measuring the width of the stream using a tape measure and measuring the flow of the stream by timing how long it takes a cork to travel five metres. Each task was completed at four separate sites along the length of the river. As well as completing the tasks, pupils were also asked to complete sketches of each section of the stream they studied.

After a busy day of investigations, pupils had the chance to enjoy some fun in the stream, building mini dams. This proved a very popular activity with the pupils, who revelled in the opportunity to have a splash in the stream after all their hard work. It was a wonderful trip and it was great to be back out in the beautiful, British countryside with the children. The children behaved impeccably and we were very proud of how they conducted their investigations in such a mature way.

With the field trip complete, children will spend the rest of this half of term undertaking extended classroom-based projects that will include writing descriptions, an analysis of the data they have gathered and the production of a range of graphs and sketches. By the end of this half of term the children will be able to prove or disprove the hypothesis!