King's St Alban's

23 June

Y6 step back in time with Commandery visit.

The Worcester Commandery was the destination for our Year 6s on Tuesday. Here they learned about the significance of the English Civil War and about what life was like at that time. They also discovered why and in what manner the conflict ended in such dramatic fashion right here in Worcester on September 3rd, 1651.

They learned about the relentless struggle for power which had been raging up and down the land during the 1640s, about the execution of Charles I and about the attempts of Charles II to try to wrest back control from the Parliamentarians. Maps in hands, they stood atop Fort Royal Hill as the tale of the Battle of Worcester, and the ensuing disaster for the Royalists, was revealed to them by our guide. Back at the Commandery they watched, captivated, as the various weapons of war were demonstrated to them. They even got to perform a pike and cannon drill and learned how to form a hedgehog! The trip concluded with a tour of the Commandery. Truth to tell, they will probably know more now about the huge significance of their local history at this time than many adults! They enjoyed an exciting day out and were impeccably behaved throughout.