King's St Alban's

20 June

Year 6 transition programme continues…

As part of our extensive King’s Worcester transition programme, which begins when pupils enter Year 5 in both of the Foundation’s Prep Schools, a group of Year 6 pupils at King’s St Alban’s visited the Library at ‘Big King’s’ this week.

These transition programme visits focus on reading for pleasure and aim to introduce the children to new authors, titles, and genres; the programme also gives them a taste of the fantastic choices on offer in the Library when they join the Senior School in September. There is a wonderful focus on reading for pleasure at King’s St Alban’s, and we are very committed to continuing that as the pupils move through the Senior School.

The pupils all filled in reading profiles prior to their visit, which covered their attitudes towards reading, their reading habits and preferences, and asked for the kinds of books that they liked to read (with specific examples).  From this our highly experienced School Librarian drew up profiles which they discussed, in addition to talking about the many important benefits of reading for pleasure (such as how it boosts our empathy and makes us happy, in addition to helping us to do well at school) .

The pupils then enjoyed taking part in ‘The Reading Game’, which involved them taking a reading map to selections of books organised by genre (for example fantasy, adventure, science fiction or graphic novels). In small groups, they looked at the books and each pupil then chose their favourite cover, blurb and start, before moving on to the next genre.  All three classes behaved impeccably and engaged wonderfully with the books. They all left with some bookish freebies too! It was a pleasure for the Library staff to meet them and to have the privilege to introduce them to all that the Library can offer them.