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27 January

Headmaster shares his views on bursaries with former bursary student

Gareth Doodes on bursariesBefore Christmas, we were delighted to welcome back to King’s OV Louise Turner (Br 11-18) who took part in a socially-distanced interview in College Hall with Headmaster, Gareth Doodes about his views on King’s School bursaries.


During the film, Gareth Doodes shares his passion about why he believes bursaries are so critical and puts into context the current need to support bursary pupils at the School alongside the historical context in which King’s has operated since its foundation by Henry VIII in 1541. He also addresses the question of the long-term benefits of fully-funded bursary to attend King’s and how a King’s School education can make a huge difference to a child’s life. Louise Turner asks the Headmaster about what the School is aiming to achieve through its ‘Open the Door to King’s’ Bursary Appeal and Gareth Doodes explains the aspirations of the Development Trust in supporting full-funded bursaries and also how anyone can get involved in this wonderful life-changing programme.

As an introduction to this film, Gareth says “Our Bursary Programme here at King’s is critical, and even more so in recent months, and the 100% bursaries that are funded from donations into the School Development Trust go to deserving and aspiring youngsters who otherwise, wouldn’t have the chance to come to King’s.  I am really proud of the work of our Development team, who raise these important funds and I would like to share with you in this short film, the reasons why I believe so strongly in these life-changing bursaries.”

If you would like to know more about King’s bursaries and how to get involved, please get in touch with us by phoning 01905 721737.or by email at

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