King's Sixth Form

10 June

Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

On Wednesday, June 8th our Lower Sixth Business students visited the Morgan car factory in Malvern Link.

Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

First of all, the students looked around the showroom, where the impressive new range of Morgan Cars was immaculately displayed. Students were then split into three groups to have conducted tours around the individual parts of the site. The two-hour tour led students from the beginning of the manufacturing process, where the ready-made chassis were waiting to be used, all the way through the different stages, ending with the fully customised cars awaiting collection by their new owners.

Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

This part of the factory is where the ash wood frames are made and then screwed onto the metal chassis. The chassis and (BMW) engine are not made at the factory.

Students asked questions throughout the tour and found out many interesting facts:

  • Until recently the ash used as the frame for the cars was imported from the forests of Belgium, but it was found to contain too much shrapnel from WW1 (which once broke the blade of their bandsaw), so now it is sourced from Lincolnshire.
  • Only 2 % of company waste goes to landfill, the rest being recycled.
  • The company plants at least two trees for every one cut down.
  • Only two computers are used throughout the entire manufacturing process (which are used to track component parts).
  • Morgan’s is the oldest car company in the world still manufacturing.
  • There are over two trillion options from which customers could select!
  • Last year the company spent £1 million revamping the visitor centre.
  • 51% of company shares are owned by an Italian investment company.
  • Labour turnover is very low.
  • One staff member has been working at the factory for 54 years.
  • It takes four years to train an apprentice, although after four years they can then specialise in other areas.
  • Work responsibility: If you paint the car you are then responsible for polishing it too.
  • 70% of cars are exported

Students had previously been finding out information on Morgan cars in class in order to complete a fact file about the company.  This consolidated the concepts learnt over the year (e.g. Product life cycle, SWOT analysis, Design Mix, promotion) and enabled students to apply these ideas to a real-life business situation. The ultimate aim was to produce a report and accompanying presentation, outlining how the company could reduce costs but also increase sales in the current economic climate, while not effecting their USP.


Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

This part of the factory is where the metal bonnet covers are cut and shaped by hand, each being unique to a particular car.






Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

Morgan sponsored this car used in the Le Mans race.







Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

The only model at the time with automatic transmission, and given to the then owners’ wife.






Lower Sixth Business Trip to Morgan Car Factory

This is where the finished cars are kept, awaiting collection by their new owners, having successfully completed a 28-mile road trip.

It was apparently a myth that the waiting time could be up to seven years. In fact, it can be as little as five months. Well, what a surprise Christmas present that would make!



Some of the student feedback:


‘Great tour, great experience, inspirational’

‘Great to use our business knowledge and apply it to a real-life scenario’

‘Good to talk to business people’