King's Sixth Form

23 November

King’s Pupil Alice Awarded Rowing Scholarship to Stanford University

Upper Sixth pupil, Alice B has set her sights on America, after being awarded a rowing scholarship at Stanford University and offered the opportunity to join their Cardinal Class of 2026. This is an amazing achievement for Alice, having started rowing at King’s in Lower Remove. 

Having completed virtual races on the ergo during the recent lockdowns, Alice was contacted by several US Universities. Stanford were in touch after witnessing Alice’s impressive performance in the virtual race in summer 2020, with several other universities contacting her after the British Indoors last year, where Alice came second in the 2km race. Alice will be joined at Stanford by a fellow British girl who came first in this event.

Having had many zoom calls with coaches and students from the different universities, Alice was able to ask lots of questions about why the students chose Stanford and the process of applying internationally. Ultimately Alice chose Stanford as “both the coaches and team were very friendly and spent time getting to know me outside of rowing. I loved their enthusiasm and their strong team spirit.”

Alice will be in good company at Stanford University, as they are regarded as one of the leading Rowing Universities in America and an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 College.

The West Coast climate is very different from the UK and when compared with the Ivy League universities on the east coast, as Alice explains, “the area is quite creative, which fits my personality; the facilities are amazing and it is located near the coast and the mountains, so there will be plenty for me to do!” She appreciated the options for majors most of all and also felt that Stanford had the best combination of strong academic standards and rowing.

Alice adds, “I started rowing in Lower Removes (Year 9), mainly because I was tall and enjoyed it so much that I stuck with it. Over time I have developed physically and technically, and the longer I’ve done it the more I enjoy it. The community at school and in the Boat House is great and everyone has been so supportive. The coaches have put so much time and effort into helping us all; Mr Bird has particularly helped me over the past year, and my teachers also helped a lot with the application process. I’m most looking forward to seeing how much I can develop my rowing whilst also taking some interesting classes. I’m not sure what I want to study yet, so the system works well as I have two years to decide my major and can pick some subjects which I enjoyed at GCSE but couldn’t carry on to A level. Going on a rowing scholarship as a student-athlete and having rowing built into my day should mean I can reach a high level in rowing whilst also getting a degree.”

The rowing programme at Stanford is predominantly sweep (1 oar) rowing, with racing in fours or eights. The main regatta season is in the summer, usually finishing with NCAA’s in May and June. The programme requires training twice a day, six days a week, going on the water in the mornings and in the gym or on the ergo in the afternoon. One particular benefit of Stanford is that due to the climate they are able to row on the water as the weather is better.

Head of Rowing, Mr Chalmers, says of Alice’s achievement, “This is an outstanding achievement for Alice and recognises her phenomenal talent in the sport of rowing. She has been a star since she started in the Removes’ programme and continues to excel. Her scholarship is an incredible opportunity to row and study in the United States. After she finishes at King’s, we will watch her progress keenly and look forward to her returning and representing Great Britain on the international stage.”

Congratulations Alice on your Rowing Scholarship, what a tremendous achievement!

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