King's Sixth Form

8 April

Student Leadership Spotlight – Henry Halford

Last term saw the return of the Senior Production, performing We Will Rock You, with a leading role for Henry H. It was a tremendous production with a fantastic performance from Henry.

Leading cast member and Lower Sixth pupil, Henry, commented on this opportunity and how he put his all into the principal role of the sold-out Senior Production,

“Being put into a leadership role was a big challenge, having previously never done a production at school, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to take it on.

Student Leadership Spotlight - Henry Halford 3

“Being in the school production this year was a huge privilege, especially since we’ve not had live theatre for almost two years. All the cast, crew and band worked so hard to get the show up and running and we hope that everyone who came along enjoyed it! Being a principal role was challenging and a huge responsibility but all of the cast and teachers were so supportive, making it an amazing experience right from the start. It could not have happened without everyone working together and playing their individual part and we were so thrilled that we were able to put on such a fantastic production!

“As one of the principal roles as Galileo Figaro, it was my job to know my part thoroughly and help others to get the most out of their roles. I would love to say that I instinctively knew how to direct my peers and how to lead the production, but I definitely did not. Having amazing actors like Amelia D and Zoe S to teach me how both to play my role well and guide others really helped in boosting my confidence. I started to be able to direct others and develop my own character that I was portraying.

Student Leadership Spotlight - Henry Halford 1

“As well as this, we all worked well as a cast to help people if they had forgotten a line, or a stage direction, and would improvise if something went wrong. The feeling of leading a musical of such a high standard was incredible and made me feel very proud of what we had all achieved as a cast.

“Overall, it was an unforgettable first production for me at King’s and I can’t wait to take part in it next year, whatever it may be!

Student Leadership Spotlight - Henry Halford 2

You can read the Senior Production We Will Rock You report from Mrs Parry, Head of Drama here.

There are many leadership opportunities available to our Sixth Formers, especially our Upper Sixth. Monitors, Heads of House, Captains and Scholars all have a vital role to play within our school community.