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29 November

OV TV Appearances


This week we have spotted two OVs on our televisions. First it was the return of OV Josh Holland (Br 03-10) whose team, University of Southampton were on University Challenge on Monday 25th November. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in making it to the third round after a strong performance from Durham University meaning they lost 95-245. It was great to see Josh compete and we wish him all the best as he completes his phD in Theoretical Computer Science.



We were also pleased to see OV Chris Tarrant (Ch 60-64) on 25th November on Channel 5 programme, Chris Tarrant, Railways of the Somme. Chris was exploring the important role trains played during the First World War especially in enabling so many people to be able to travel to the Frontline. The stories explored in this poignant documentary showed another angle to the war and the programme has been very well received by viewers.