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Open the Door to King’s

The King’s Foundation has always sought to be socially inclusive. Throughout our history, we have opened our doors to children from all backgrounds and have often found the means to provide funding where needed. 

In the 20th century, up to 1997, nearly one-third of King’s pupils were supported via government funding, under the Direct Grant or Assisted Places schemes. Once these schemes ended, King’s continued to provide means-tested, fee assistance to pupils. Donations to the Development Trust have enabled the school to keep its doors open to talented children regardless of their financial backgrounds, albeit at a lower level than during the period of government funding.

Our Vision

King’s has always welcomed pupils from the widest range of social backgrounds. We want to remain a school that any able and aspiring child can attend, regardless of financial circumstances. Success in life should not be limited by your background but should be the product of your own endeavour and ability.

Put simply, King’s bursaries change lives.

Together we can open the door to King’s for future generations.