Open the Door to King’s

The King’s Foundation has always sought to be socially inclusive. Throughout our history, we have opened our doors to children from all backgrounds and have often found the means to provide funding where needed. Watch our inspirational video to find out more. 

About the Campaign

In the 20th century, up to 1997, nearly one-third of King’s pupils were supported via government funding, under the Direct Grant or Assisted Places schemes. Once these schemes ended, King’s continued to provide means-tested, fee assistance to pupils. Donations to the Development Trust have enabled the school to keep its doors open to talented children regardless of their financial backgrounds, albeit at a lower level than during the period of government funding.


Our Vision

Our ‘Open the Door’ Bursary Campaign is looking to increase the number of places funded by donations to the Trust, to forty for the long term. This meets the founding principles of The King’s School when, in 1541, Henry VIII refounded the school to provide education to “forty boys, poor and destitute of the help of friends, of native genius…and apt to learn”.

The means to provide for the forty free places for the long term is by building up our Enduring Bursary Fund, which will fund future bursaries over the long term, with the intention of preserving the capital, however there being no binding commitment on the capital. We also fund current school bursaries from donations to our Fellowship Fund.

We have been delighted to meet OVs from all paths of life who have told us about their stories, the doors that have opened since leaving school, and how King’s has shaped their futures; they have also shown that, if you can ‘Open the Door to King’s’ via supporting a bursary, you could change a life.

Our Goal

Our target is to grow the fund for bursaries to £5million by 2025 and, by the school’s 500th anniversary in 2041, to have a total fund of £18million. We cannot do this alone and our goal can only be achieved through the collective, generous support of you, the family of King’s.

We believe that a child’s success in life should not be limited by their background but should be determined by hard work and ability. King’s bursaries change lives and provide opportunities for talented, hard-working children to realise their potential, regardless of their financial situations.

Bursary Brochure

If you would like us to post you a copy of the brochure seen below, please email