We are enormously grateful to Old Vigornians and other members of the King’s School family who donate to The King’s School Worcester Development Trust.  King’s has benefited in the past from the generosity of individuals who believe in the school and who hold the school in their affections.

Previous projects supported by donations to The King’s School Worcester Development Trust include the School Library, the Michael Baker Boathouse, the Keyes Building as well as ongoing support of pupil bursaries.

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We are now looking to focus our fundraising activities to build a fund for life-changing bursaries which will provide for the long-term security of our Bursary Programme and grow the number of free and subsidised places we can offer.

Thank you for your support of King’s. If you would like to discuss giving to King’s in confidence, please contact Liz Elliott, Development Director, eelliott@ksw.org.uk or by phone on 01905 721719.

A King’s education is an asset to any career path. It offers exposure to a new world of ideas (More than one guest speaker left me amazed at life’s possibilities) and a huge variety of extra-curricular activities. You leave with a lively sense of self-worth and the tenacity to remain always curious - free to carve your own path through later life. The values King’s instilled have remained with me to this day, and it is a school I always recall with fondness and pride. I would urge anyone considering donating to the Bursary Appeal to do so knowing that your financial contribution will impact individuals long after they have left King’s.

Jacob Capleton

Br 01-06

I was comfortable and happily settled at King’s when my family’s circumstances changed. Finances would no longer cover school fees. A bursary allowed me to remain at King’s throughout my GCSEs and Sixth Form studies. As well as academic continuity, remaining in the same school with my friends brought stability and I am very grateful to the donors who provided funds for my bursary. My education at King’s formed a solid academic base from which I went on to study Geography at the University of Durham and I have subsequently pursued a career in contaminated land consultancy.

Shaun Armitage

Os 97-06