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15 April

A Trip Down Memory Lane ….Paul McCartney at King’s.

We so enjoyed the Evening with Nicholas Cleobury (Ch 58-68) that the Music department held in March and it has been such a pleasure to hear from so many OVs who remembered Nicholas or some of the memories he spoke about during his conversation with our Assistant Director of Music Chris Allsop (Hon OV).

We were delighted to hear from OV and former King’s Governor David Barlow (Cl 58-64) who remembers well the day that Paul McCartney visited College Green as discussed by Nicholas. David told us

“Macca was on College Green (down the slipway, actually) to pick up Jane Asher’s mother, who had been staying with her brother, Archdeacon Peter Elliot (married to Lady Alathea), before driving her down to Bristol, where Jane was acting in a production at the Old Vic. I had left School by this time, autumn 1964, but was in digs at 6 Castle Place, landladied by Letty Lancashire, who became Matron (“Polly”, I believe they called her) of Hostel House, and then worked in the new Sanatorium. I had just started my first job, at Cadbury Cakes’ Blackpole HQ in Worcester, and arrived back around half an hour after mother Asher and boyfriend Paul had left College Green for Bristol.”

You will see here a photograph of many excited King’s pupils gathering around Paul McCartney on College Green.

So many OVs remember the day Paul McCartney ‘visited King’s’ and it obviously sticks in the minds of so many like David. Interestingly David Barlow was married by Archdeacon Peter some years later in 1972 and you can see here the photograph where Archdeacon Peter watches as David signs the register at his wedding in the Cathedral.