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13 December

A Wonderful OV Wedding

Wonderful wedding news for OV Benjamin Humphrey (Cr 94-04) and former King’s Head of Alumni Communications Alice Brunt (Hon OV)!

On 12 October, Benjamin Humphrey and Alice Brunt married in Worcester Cathedral, celebrating afterwards with champagne under the Cathedral’s West Window and a reception at the Guildhall.

King’s was significantly represented in the bridal party and in the congregation.

Oliver Brooks was one of the best men, Simon Renshaw and Abigail Williams were ushers and Hannah Lucas and Katie (Smith) To were brideswomen.

George Ormerod and Sophie Whitworth (Hon OV) read during the service, and guests included Beth (Westwood) Brown, Thomas Cox, Beth (Martyn Smith) Raybould, Gemma Martyn Smith, Martin Renshaw, Dan and Lottie Humphrey, Jabbar Riaz, Lucy Robinson, Jenny (Clee) O’Bryan and Tom Riddell.

Current and former staff comprised Kate and Roger Appleby, Stephan and Sarah Le Marchand, Rosie and Simon Shearburn, Mark and Gill Dorsett, Chris and Abi Haywood, Joanna Lucas, Catherine Cantin, Alan Deichen, Emma Woodward, Rosie Ellender, Shara Parry, Paul Haynes, PC Thompson, Suzanne Nevitt, Penny Hope, Sue Broadway, Gemma Minton and Tracey Hundley.

Many congratulations to Ben and Alice and we wish them all the very best for the future.

Alice Brunt and Ben Humphrey Wedding Worcester Cathedral 2019 (Full width Image)