27 March

Coronavirus News from OV in Italy

We have heard this week from OV Ian McAndrew (W 74-81) who says,

OV Ian McAndrew“Hello from Italy. As I am now about to start my second week in lockdown here in Rome, I thought I might just take this opportunity to underline the gravity of the situation we are currently experiencing.”

As we will all no doubt be aware, the situation in Italy has been truly devastating. Having witnessed the shortage of beds and strain upon the health service Ian wanted to take the opportunity to stress the importance of listening to advice and why isolating is the only way to beat what he describes as an “invisible enemy”.  He eloquently explained his concerns for Great Britain and very much hoped that we would act soon to avoid similar outcomes. Ian finished by saying,

“So now, I face another week in isolation. It is widely considered that lockdown will remain in force until the end of April. Should that happen and I can once again breathe the air of freedom I know it will only have been possible thanks to the efforts of millions of Italians who, like me, decided to stay at home. Don’t delay! Do your part as of this very minute and send this message far and wide!”

A huge thank you to Ian for getting in touch.