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Foundation News

2 December

Hawford Attend Prestigious Pigeon Racing Awards

On Saturday 30th November, Max C, Sam W and Mrs Marshall-Walker enjoyed a trip to Birmingham to attend the annual National Award Ceremony for the pigeon racing fraternity.

After enjoying a most delicious three course meal, the presentation began. Max and Sam were invited to collect an award on behalf of Brian Harris, who has helped us establish our loft and given of his time, for coming first in the region, flying the Old Hens from Coutances. We were then surprised by the announcement that there was a special award.

King’s Hawford were called up for joining the most competitive and best club in England and achieving as novices, positions in the Coutances Young Bird National showing outstanding motivation, competitiveness and valour in their endeavours. The two boys went up to receive the award with cheers and a rapturous applause. It was an honour to be recognised for our first year of being part of the National Flying Club and a pleasure to see Max and Sam so proudly accept the award. They both enjoyed chatting to pigeon fanciers who, in turn, were most impressed with the boys whole demeanour.

It was a most enjoyable evening. We were welcomed and made to feel special in a club that Her Majesty The Queen is the patron.