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13 September

Inspirational Gap Year Speakers

Current U6 Pupils benefited from meeting three OVs this week who came into Key Skills to share their Gap Year Experiences. Francesca Descher (Cl 10-17) spent her gap year working in Cairo at Malvern College Egypt. It was really interesting to hear all about her experiences in the Marketing department there, working and living abroad and learning a new language. Francesca shared some fantastic tips on how to make friends and connections abroad and said how much her year has strengthened her and made her a happy solo traveller. She also talked about experiencing different cultural values and being a woman living and working in Egypt.

Nish Rai (K 11-18) travelled far and wide on his year, with a European Interrailing trip, time in America, and also India. He also fitted in time to commit to FDSSUK (Fibrous Dysplasia Support Society) and all their work. Like Francesca, Nish was able to offer lots of advice on Gap Years, especially why he took one and what he learned.

Finally, James Austin (Os 16-18), spoke of his experiences. James enjoyed time working in a Borneo Eco-Lodge owned by OV Howard Stanton (S 84-91), Vietnam, Russia, Peru, Bolivia and Columbia.  James, a self-confessed non-organiser, faced language barriers (resulting in paying for a hostel room twice),  a lost passport, and lengthy flight diversions, so he encouraged everyone in the room to plan more than he had! He talked about the incredible scenery and experiences he had in every country and he touched upon highlights such as biking ‘death road’ in Bolivia, something he had always aspired to do since seeing it on Top Gear.

It was a pleasure to hear Francesca, Nish and James speak, and by the end of session, everyone (staff included), was itching to get a rucksack on their back and go on an adventure!