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1 May

King’s Heroes: Thank you to our OV NHS Workers – Sami Barker

Photo of OV Sami Barker

Each Thursday at 8pm we continue to join in with neighbours across the country to applaud our incredible NHS workers.

This week we especially thank OV Sami Barker (Cr 07-09) who is working hard to protect patients and ensure PPE is available at this critical time.

Sami says, “I previously worked as a nurse for two years, then got a place on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme. We started on the 2nd March so have all been thrown in at the deep end, with our induction period and education suspended so we can focus on frontline service delivery.

At the moment I’m working for a GP Practice in Leeds, spending a lot of time tracking down PPE and helping reorganise our service to protect vulnerable patients. A lot of the focus is on hospitals, but there are a lot of us out in Primary Care trying to stop patients getting to that point!

At the moment everything is up in the air, and we are all hoping to be able to restart our education and group work in September. I’m in a vulnerable group, so I met my cohort once, spent a week in the office and since then have been working from home doing everything online. It’s certainly been one heck of an introduction to the NHS but it’s really heartening to see how fast things can be put in place when the need is there.”

Thank you Sami!