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2 July

King’s New School Uniform & Sports Kit

Earlier this week we launched our new school uniform with our new providers, Schoolblazer (School Uniform) and Tacklebag (Sports Kit).

Rolling out a new uniform is by no means a small task so to manage this, and to minimise impact to parents, we will be having a phased roll out over two years. New pupils joining in Lower Fourth (Year 7) only will be asked to purchase the new uniform from September.

Existing pupils and pupils joining King’s in other year groups will be able to wear the current uniform and sports kit until September 2023 (there will be another sale for this from the 16th August – 5th September) but please be advised that we have no longer have any of the current sports kit available).

Where the current items are not available, for example, if there is no stock in the required size, you will have the option to purchase the new uniform and sports kit.

Pupils will be able to mix and match the current and new uniform until September 2023 to minimise the need to replace the whole set when one item is outgrown. However, we would recommend that girls do not wear the current striped blouses with the new tartan skirts if possible.

For more information and a detailed Uniform Guide, please visit the Uniform Update Hub.

King’s Senior

Senior Sports Kit

Prep Schools

Prep School Sports Kit

To see the full list of uniform that will be available please see our latest Uniform Guides.