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23 May

King’s Pupils receive their Surplice during Choral Evensong

Over the past two weekends, ten pupils from King’s Worcester and King’s St Albans (five boys and five girls) received their surplice during Choral Evensong in the Cathedral  in recognition of the completion of their probationary period as a chorister.

Over the past year or so they have been singing alongside the full choir, learning from the older pupils and being trained as a singer by the Cathedral music staff and singing tutor.

King's Pupils receive their Surplice during Choral Evensong 1

Larissa E-H, Juliet G, Molly B. Kathryne N (KSW) and Oliva S (KSA)

Cathedral Choristers lead a busy life alongside all of their school commitments, with rehearsals before school four days a week and a regular schedule of services after school and at weekends. They form part of a professional choir with the adult singers, who are known as Lay Clerks. The Cathedral’s Director of Music, Samuel Hudson, said, ‘Receiving a surplice is an important milestone in any chorister’s time in the choir. It marks the hard work done over many months learning about singing technique, becoming familiar with the choir’s repertoire of music, and gathering experience singing in services with the choir. It is the recognition that a chorister has completed this intensive training period, and that they are ready to take a full part in the choir’s busy but rewarding schedule. We are always extremely proud to share in and celebrate the achievements of our choristers as they reach this milestone, and offer our congratulations to the boy and girl choristers who have received their surplice this term. Well done!’

King's Pupils receive their Surplice during Choral Evensong

James P (KSW), Humphrey D, Ollie K-D, Arthur T and Sam T (KSA)

Upper Fourth pupil, Molly B joined the choir in September and received her surplice last week. She said, ‘Being a chorister is hard work but fulfilling and fun at the same time. I was honoured to receive my surplice from the Dean and proud to become a full member of the cathedral choir.’

If you would like more information about becoming a chorister or to find out more about the forthcoming Chorister taster days, speak to a member of the music staff at King’s St Alban’s or King’s Senior School or contact Worcester Cathedral’s Organist and Director of Music, Mr Hudson directly on

You can also read more about being a chorister here.