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7 January

King’s Sport launches ‘Jantastic challenge’ to all pupils

During January lockdown 3.0 King’s sport has launched the ‘Jantastic challenge’. This is a 30 minute a day challenge where pupils are encouraged to get active. The PE department has put together a variety of different options each day where pupils can access the range of activities via Firefly (the schools intranet).

We have included a range of activities from Yoga to Running in order to engage as many pupils as possible, but anything active counts, even just going on a walk. The challenge is designed to allow all pupils to take part, allowing pupils to do their own activity ideas as we value the impact different forms of exercise can have.


jantastic 2


We have also included some cooking and mindfulness activities to get pupils thinking about other ways to be healthy both in body and mind. Pupils will be able to fill in a record sheet with the activities they have completed each day. There will be prizes for anyone who completes the challenge and returns their form to their PE teacher.

At a time where pupils and families will be spending a lot of time sitting at desks and staying indoors, we feel it will be more important than ever for people to get active. It is difficult at this time of year whatever the circumstance but given the restrictions, we felt it was more important than ever. We not only recognise the physical benefits of 30 minutes of exercise but in some ways, more importantly, the mental benefits will be massive.

At King’s, we are passionate about sport and its ability to create healthy bodies and minds. ‘Jantastic’ is a way for pupils and the whole family to get active and reap those benefits during a difficult time. You can keep up to speed with all of the latest news via King’s Sport Twitter.

Get active, get fit, get going!