Foundation News

20 February

Lord King inspires future King’s economists

Pupils across King’s Senior were treated to a thoroughly engaging and informative virtual session with Lord Mervyn King, ex-Governor of the Bank of England.

Lower Sixth student George C initiated, organised and ran a truly enlightening and truly interesting question and answer session with Lord King and pupils from across King’s Senior School from Lower Fourth to Upper Sixth.

As ex-Governor of the Bank of England, Lord King gave a fascinating insight into his role and personal experiences. He reflected upon and discussed the 2008-9 financial crisis, the current economic conditions, the use of the Monetary Policy Committee’s (MPC) interest rate and quantitative easing tools. He also spoke about the collaboration between the Bank of England and the Treasury and the decision-making process in the Monetary Policy Committee. Pupils also heard his views on Excessive Quantitative Easing as a response to the pandemic and the impact that it had on the recovery: too much inflation.

The event organiser George C added, “Lord King was a really riveting speaker and captivated the audience of Lower Fourths to Upper Sixth. It was a very interesting session and a genuine delight to hear him speak and answer the questions from fellow pupils. He’s really inspired our future economists here.”

Lord King Session

The session with Lord Mervyn King will be closely followed by our forthcoming visit and book signing from Sir Vince Cable on Tuesday 8th March.

Sir Vince was the Leader of the Liberal Democrats from 2017 to 2019 and Business Secretary from 2010-2015 as part of the coalition government. His political experience is vast and wide-reaching and his knowledge of business, economics, global history, politics and international relations will be based on first-hand experience and much research.